Getting Started with GWT Eclipse Plugin

This covers how to get started with debugging your GWT application.

GWT Eclipse Plugin Install

First install the GWT Eclipse Plugin.

Choose a Development Mode

Choose a development mode that suits your web server or mobile device.

  • The best choice for debugging a GWT application on any server or mobile device is the #1 GWT Development Mode.
  • If you’re using a generic server or Jetty then #2 GWT Development Mode with Jetty will work.
  • If you’re looking for the legacy or classic development mode, then choose #3 GWT Legacy Development Mode.

1. GWT Development Mode (Using the CodeServer Launcher)

If you’re looking to run your application on any server or mobile device this is the best choice.

2. GWT Development Mode with Jetty (Using the DevMode Launcher)

If you have a basic server configuration or running Jetty then this will work.

3. GWT Legacy Development Mode (Deprecated)

This runs the Legacy Development Mode using OOPHM to communicate with the browser which has been removed from the modern browsers. This will only run on any version less than FireFox version 26. Or can be run on Internet Explorer (IE) IE 8 to IE 11.

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